Storage based blog posts and talks given

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Microsoft's Azure cloud usage for High Energy Physics applications
Blog of the High Energy Physics Research Computing Group at UVic

Dynafed as Grid site SE
Mounting a federated storage cluster as part of a local file system
Distributed cloud storage using webdav with Dynafed
grid-mapfile based authentication for DynaFed
alternative VOMS based authentication for DynaFed

Talk about the BaBar cloud system development and usage

Setup examples for multi VO distributed XRootD clusters
DPM/xrdcp fix to calculate checksum of transferred files
More information about DPM and xrdcp checksums

publication: ZFS on Linux as efficient storage backend for WLCG
Talk about the ZFS on Linux at the High Energy Physics Sysadmin workshop, Berkeley 2016
Talk about the comparison of ZFS on Linux with XFS and Ext4 for Grid storage at CHEP2016, San Francisco
Talk about the ZFS (on Linux) experience on a Grid storage site, HEPSysMan, RAL 2016
Talk about ZFS (on Linux) for Grid Storage, ScotGrid Meeting 2016

Setup of a ZFS based Linux storage server
ZFS on Linux and automated snapshots
ZFS automount and CentOS 7
ZFS and compression for LHC data

Part I of a comparison ZFS vs. hardware raid system
Part II of a comparison ZFS vs. hardware raid system
Part III of a comparison ZFS vs. hardware raid system

File system test script (read/write, sequential/parallel)

LSST and GridPP @ Edinburgh